How to make every page on your Website more engaging

How To Make Every Page on Your Website More Engaging

There’s a lot of content out there on the Web and it’s important to find ways to build an engaging website that draws in and retains a customer’s attention. Sometimes it can seem a prodigious task to keep your page up-to-date and interesting. Some simple ways to maintain a great site are to incorporate memorable web design, add video, link to social media and refresh content to improve the viewing experience for shoppers.

Memorable and Consistent Design

The homepage should display a simple and clean high quality images without much text. You must ensure that the content easy to understand and navigate through the Website. This will ensure that customers won’t lose interest or become frustrated. Keep a theme in mind while designing and stick to it. Use only two to three colors and fonts to streamline the visual landscape and prevent content from becoming overwhelming. Choose fonts and colors similar to or same as your logo which will help your website be seen as an extension of your brand. Make sure your site has a unique web address to help people find your business easily.

Video – Best Visual Content Promotion

The addition of visual content like video can immediately help to add interest to your site. It can be hard to determine how to add video that relates to your product though and the thought of filming content can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be and the costs outweigh most objections. The prevalence of high quality video recording capabilities on most smartphones means that almost everyone already has all the equipment necessary to produce and edit a short video.
Customers who view product videos are 85 percent more likely to make a purchase, according to a survey. The options range from filming yourself or an employee talking about the products or services you offer to simply showing a product without voiceover. Video content is easier for shoppers to process as well, because 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Social Media Platform

Social media can provide you the best platform to create an interactive environment for your customers. Research shows that 74 percent of adult Internet users have social media accounts, meaning that it’s a good chance to build your customer base. For small business this can be a great way to reach out to shoppers and further develop a customer base. Posting on social media is tantamount to free advertising and all businesses with little or no marketing budget should take advantage of this aspect.
To grow a fan base, offer promotions and coupons that are only available to your subscribers or followers. Be sure to link all your accounts to the homepage of your site so people can find you easily. Encourage followers to share pictures and create hashtags that make your site visible. By sharing video content on social media you might be able to garner a lot of attention, 92 percent of mobile video viewers go on to share what they’ve watched.

Fresh Content – Promote it

Providing fresh content ensures new audience to your website and also retain the returning visitors. Internet users these days are used to a constant stream of new information in their feeds. It is not always a feasible option to provide a torrent of content on the website but offering a weekly promotion of the content or product can work best for you. Plan out a few weeks of content ahead of time so you aren’t looking for something at the last minute or being repetitive.


These four tips can be an excellent way to increase sales and build a broader audience for your products and services. We at picknbuilt, make sure that every website comprises of all of them Or most of them depending upon customer requirements. For more reach us by filling a quick contact form

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