How to improve your E- commerce Website Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimization is a mandatory procedure for companies that aim to be the best player in their industry and wish to stand out from the over crowded eCommerce market. Even though we first heard of conversion rate optimization back in 2007, it’s benefits only became popular since the last three years. It’s a digital marketing trend that will certainly be on the “what’s hot?” list for the next year: early adaptors will be ahead of their competitors, building their reputation as leaders and as a top of mind choice, while those who lag behind will lose the chance to innovate their business.
As studies have shown, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their current conversion rate. So there is plenty unexploited territory and many ways to get the attention of your website’s visitors: 78% of companies are not reaching their true potential and aren’t happy with their conversion rate.
So, the question is what can you do to upgrade your business to the next level and be recognized as top eCommerce website?

Mobile Responsive Design (Mobile Browser Reaction)

When a website is responsive, the layout and/or content responds or adapts based on the size of screen they are presented on. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on. People want to shop while they are on the go, it’s been proven time and time again, if your website is not compatible for mobile, you will have a hard time pleasing your customers. This is an investment that you absolutely must make when starting an ecommerce website.
When a customer decides to purchase something online, he’s not just interested in the price and quality of the goods, but also in the safety of the website, including the payments. You cannot control users’ computers and make sure there are no viruses on them, but you can make your website secure. The use of an SSL certificate is an absolute must for e-commerce sites today. A secure website that uses the SSL certificate contains the “HTTPS” instead of the usual “HTTP” and has an image of a closed padlock in the address bar.
Simplicity & Coherence
Make you website simple and easy to understand, it should provide a smooth way to navigate from one page to another. No one wants to read a manual to be able to use your website. If the website is complicated then you will definitely have a problem getting people to come back to do their shopping again. The design should be simple and very straightforward. The login and sign up options should be very evident and when someone presses buy they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get down the funnel.
Product Images & Description
The design of your website should accommodate lots of product pictures and descriptive information. Usually the eight-image approach works best (front, back, top, bottom, left, right and some two perspective shots). The product description should provide a detailed insight to the products. No one wants to buy something that they cannot see or they have no information about. This will increase the opportunity for better placement on the search engines.
Site Search tool are vital for Ecommerce
Make sure that your ecommerce website has a convenient search tool. A first time visitor is likely looking for one particular thing. They do not want to spend the whole day sifting through items that they do not need. Filtered searches or faceted navigation are the best and must be present if at all you want to make sure that you get the best results from it.
Colours Combination & Design
The colours that you choose for your website branding can make or break the experience. No one wants to have their senses assaulted by a cocktail of strange colors. One very common mistake many people make with ecommerce websites is setting white text on a black background. Make it easy to see text and images and find colours that complement each other.
Recommendations – Get the Best for your Website
When you provide your customers with links to recommended products they might like, then you are going to make shopping easier on your site and promote additional sales. At least six links will make for an easier shopping experience that encourages extra additions to their cart.
We at PicknBuilt, tailor each website as per your requirements and visions. We use the best practices and develop e-commerce website well equipped with all the features.

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