5 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of your Website

5 Tips to Reduce Bounce rate of your Website

Bounce rate on a website is the equivalent of kryptonite to Superman. While not deadly, bounces are a frustrating reality for most website owners. While bounce rates are disappointing, they are also an indicator that something can be fixed on your site. Whether it’s simple navigation changes, design layout or targeting efforts, we provide you the best ways in which these issues can be fixed and immediately reduce your website’s bounce rate.


1. Focus – Attract The Right Audience

Keyword analysis and optimization is one of the moast vital part of directing users to your website.But one should make sure that they are not attracting wrong kind of users. The content that is to be delivered must speak to the needs and interest of visitors, so that they find it interesting to move ahead with the website and thus reduce bounce rate.
For example, if you sell shoes, optimize for shoe-related keywords. The goal is that visitors who have searched for shoes will be happy with your results if you are delivering on the SEO promise that you do, infact, sell shoes. Don’t optimize around socks and shoelaces unless you also sell those. It’s a waste of your SEO juice and your visitors’ time plus it can increases bounce rate drastically.

2. Website Navigation – It needs reconsideration

Bounce rate happens when a visitor visits your website and leaves before clicking through another page. The major reason behind this is that the visitors didn’t find the content they were looking for on your page and decided to leave. So, how do you engage visitors beyond their first page view? The designing of homepage and navigation should be kept in mind and should be in coordination with what visitors expect it to be. Make the best use of your space – balance white space with colour and navigation design. Use images to help convey your point or product and use large call-to-actions. Navigation should be direct and simple. The goal is to create an environment that is clearly navigable to lead your visitors in the right direction.

4. Quality Content for User Engagement

Quality content is the best to increase user engagement through the use of content generator tools, which use visitor’s online activity and highlight relevant content and encourage call to action.

5. Be Mobile-Friendly

More than 80% fo people use mobile to view every sort of data as it is very convenient and handy to use. It is a must that the website should be a responsive website else you would be losing your position in the market. All the business owners and developers must be ready to design each and every website that is compatible for mobile data searches. There are over a billion websites available on the web and if yours is hard to navigate on an iPhone or Android, your visitors will leave.
We at Picknbuilt, keep all the above discussed points in mind and design a website as per the google trends giving you a head start in the business.

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